Software module 39

PSA Volkswagen Seat Opel Nissan Ford Mitsubishi new chip

This module can prepare PCF7935 or Silca T15 – JMA TP14 transponders, so they become ready to be matched with particular car using diagnostic device and PIN code.
Prepared ID40 chips are switable for absolutely all Opel Immo1/Immo2 cars.
Prepared ID41 chips are switable for Nissan NATS 2-4 and some NATS 5 cars.
Prepared ID42/ID44 chips are switable for Volkswagen and Seat Immo1/Immo2 cars with external immoboxes and also for Ford Galaxy.
Prepared ID45 chips are switable for all Peugeot 206/406 with BSI Siemens.

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