How to copy key

1Copying key with TMPro is easy. Insert key in hole and press Read button. You can also use F5 button for to do this.

1 After few seconds you will see on screen key data. Software shows type of chip, chip data, locked or not, etc. If key is capable to be copied, software automatically goes to relative module (62-65). Software also shows type of chip, that must be used for copying your key.If key is not capable for copying, in Status bar you will see message No data for copying.

Note for copying ID45 keys Peugeot 206/406:For copying Peugeot 206/406 ID45 keys software asks you if to start to extract of secret key or not.Prior to copy the key, you have to continue with Yes.During extracting of secret key you MUST NOT remove original key from device until extracting completed.

Extracting time for ID45 keys can last maximium 10 seconds.
At end of procedure you can see vehicle PIN code, if you need to program keys by diagnostic device.

Note for copying ID4D Texas crypto keys:For copying 4D Texas crypto keys you need JMA TPX cloner unit.

Note for copying ID46 Philips Crypto 2 keys:For copying ID46 Philips Crypto 2 keys you need JMA TPH cloner unit.

3 Insert key with needed chip in TMPro key hole and press Prog button.You can also use F6 button for to do this.

4At end of programming you get ready to start car key.