BMW (Motorcycles)

Software module 191

BMW bikes 2012 immobox EWS. Memory device is Motorola 9S12G128.
You can read Motorola 9S12G128 with TMPro, download connection diagram. If Motorola is locked, TMPro will unlock it automatically before to read eeprom area.
Expected file size is 4096 bytes. Also you can synchronise engine ECU and immobox if they are not matched pair.

Below is procedure how to match BMW immobox and engine ECU: 1.Read eeprom area from TRICORE MCU in engine ECU.You need tool that can read TRICORE MCU. 2.Connect immobox to TMPro and start software. 3.Load TRICORE file in TMPro.Software 198 will pops-up. 4.If your immobox is module 191,please select manually module 191. 5.Press SELECT AND WRITE MEMORY DEVICE button.Procedure for matching will begin. 6.At end of procedure TMPro will read eeprom area. 7.Program new transponder(s). Job done.

Use Texas Crypto 40/80 bit transponder, for example Ford 80-bit Written transponder is ready programmed to start bike.

Vehicles equipped with this unit:
BMW motorbike: R1200GS, K1300, F800