Software module 200

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche KESSY Continental, Siemens-VDO
Memory device is serial eeprom 93c86.
It is MANDATORY to read and write eeprom with TMPro. To read or write eeprom solder 7 wires and leave red wire free. Use option “93c86(200)”. Also it is necessary to connect 12v to KESSY from external power supply. Download connection diagram
Expected file size is 2048 bytes.
Software shows PIN code.
Use PCF7936 or Silca T14 – JMA TP12 or CN3 transponder or original remote key.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start car.

Remote part is also programmed and work.

Vehicles equipped with this unit: 
Volkswagen:Touareg (2008-), Phaeton (2008-) Audi:A8 (2008-) Bentley:Continental (2008-) Porsche:Cayenne (2008-)
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