Software module 109

BMW bikes engine ECU Bosch
BMW bikes engine ECU are 2 types – BMSK and BMSX:
For BMSKP ECU – keys are stored in ECU.
Memory device is flash chip ST M58BW0160 – 80 pin PQFP package.
Expected file size is 2097152 bytes.
Reading is thru BDM100 interface or with flash programmer.
For BMSX or BMS2K or BMSMP ECU – to see where keys are stored you must check what is on ignition barrel.
If there is IMMOBOX UNIT - keys are stored in this unit.To make key you need software 191.
If there is KEY READER UNIT keys are stored in ECU. Memory device is TRICORE MCU eeprom area.
Expected file size is 65536 or 196608 or 262144 bytes
Use PCF7936 or Silca T14 – JMA TP12 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start bike.

Vehicles equipped with this unit: 
BMW: F800, R1200GS, K1600GT
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