Software module 108

Software module 108 – Yamaha bikes immobox Moric type 2.
This is new variant of Yamaha immobox, where there is no serial eeprom S29190.
On place, where you must find serial eeprom S29190, you find 16-pin chip TMS3705.
Keys ARE NOT in this chip TMS3705!
Memory device is MORIC MCU 30 pins SSOP package.
Programming of MORIC MCU is thru TMPro
Use Yamaha key or Texas Crypto – Silca 4D-60 – JMA TP06/TP19 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start bike.
Also you can set immobox to virgin state.
IMPORTANT NOTE:you can program ONE MASTER key and ONE SLAVE key.If you want more slave keys, program a slave key and clone it with software 65.For cloning Yamaha keys with software 65 JMA TPX cloner is not needed.
IMPORTANT NOTE:If you want to program MASTER key, you also MUST MAKE ECU VIRGIN, because programming of MASTER key will delete synchronisation IMMO-ECU.

Here is key programming procedure:

  1. Make connections like at connection picture using cable with 8 striped wires.Gray wire is not used.Connect other end of cable to TMPro box.
  2. Run soft TMPro.exe.
  3. Select manually software module 108
  4. Put in box blank 4D-60 chip or original Yamaha key
  5. Press PROG,select SLAVE key,OK and job done in 2 seconds.
If ECU and IMMO are not MATCHED pair (do not originate from one and same bike) procedure is:
  1. Program MASTER KEY to immobox.
  2. Take picture of ECU and send to me.
  3. I will send you picture with eeprom location.
  4. You read eeprom and send file to me.
  5. I make file virgin and send to you.
  6. You write new file into eeprom.
  7. You fit in bike ECU and IMMO.
  8. 8.At first ign ON with MASTER KEY code from IMMO is sent to ECU.

Job done.

Connection diagrams

Vehicles equipped with this unit: 
Yamaha: R1, T-MAX, R6, BT1100, FJR, FZR, FZ1, FZ6, FZS, XT, XJR, XTR, XTX, XVX
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